Beauty Business Education

How much is your business really making and much should it be making?

What changes should you make in your business to reach your goals?

Do you know that you need help your business but you’re not sure where to start?

Welcome! I’m Michelle and I help a Salon Owners, Independent Hairstylists and Beauty Professionals build stronger businesses. As a Salon Owner and Stylist of 20 years, I’ve been successful in building my businesses and navigating the changes in our industry.

I have done this with a revolutionary approach to structuring our menu, services and pricing using my Modern Menu & Hybrid Pricing Blueprint, as well as a comprehensive business auditing plan that puts your well-being and profits first.

As a Salon Owner who is still taking modern and traditional services behind the chair, I bring a unique perspective to aligning our businesses with the services we are doing and operations of the salon.

Visit my package page for the ways to work with me.

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