Commission & Hybrid Salon Owner Business Package up to 10 stations

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There are many financial aspects of operating a Salon that are not fully understood by Business Managers, Accountants, and business Owners. In the past, this has resulted in a loss or low returns and cash flows issues.

While many salons are profitable, they may not as profitable as they could be with the right set of systems in place and more relevant menus with strategic pricing.

Package Description

What Stylists are doing behind the chair has changed so much in the last 10 years, but many Salon Owners haven’t pivoted their businesses effectively navigate these changes.

This results in confusion when booking and charging for services, which causes a much bigger financial burden than inflation alone ever would.

When you don’t have an accurate Menu, you won’t have accurate pricing or budgets for color and products. The inconsistencies this causes results in poor quality revenue being generated.

Low quality revenue means that the Service Provider receives their compensation, but after paying for operating costs and overhead, there is little to no profit left over and sometimes even a loss.

My Modern Menu & Hybrid Pricing Blueprint is the perfect solution to completely transform your business in a way that makes sense with what is really going on behind the chair.

Before we make any changes, we need to get a baseline with the comprehensive program I created to analyze the financial and operational aspects of your business to:

  1. Generate an estimated profit and loss based on current operations and overhead.
  2. Compare that to your balance sheet to identify inconsistencies.
  3. Create an annual operating budget.
  4. Analyze service provider performance.
  5. Identify areas of opportunity.
  6. Evaluate your menu & pricing.

With the information gathered we then:

  1. Update your Menu & Pricing using my Modern Menu & Hybrid Pricing Blueprint.
  2. Create new revenue goals based on the changes.
  3. Create color & back bar budgets based on these goals and a custom product calculator.
  4. Show you how to coach your team when and how to charge for more product.
  5. Implement new goals and KPI’s to track and manage these changes.
  6. Model out the new estimated revenue and profit with these changes using a customized tool.
  7. Help you update these changes within the salon, your booking site, and socials.

Once complete, you will have a full understanding of your business and the why behind all the changes.

This package includes:

  1. Onboarding
  2. 60–minute Discovery Call
  3. 60–90-minute revenue modeling and report call.
  4. 60–90-minute menu and pricing  call.
  5. 60-minute finalization call.

Let’s Get Started!

Our 1:1 coaching begins with this short video onboarding course to teach you how to gather and enter the information we will need. Once complete we will schedule a discovery call to answer any questions you may have before getting started.

Meet Michelle

I’m a hairstylist of twenty years and a multi-unit salon owner with locations in California and Arizona. I’m dedicated to elevating the beauty industry by bringing my knowledge and experience to the coaching and courses that I offer.