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Money Trauma, Boundaries & Consultations

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So often our behaviors are simply responses to our experiences and environments. For many of us, our relationship with money and setting boundaries is something subconscious that is often misunderstood and therefore goes unaddressed.

It typically causes problems in our personal life and finances, but when we have a business, it will also cause problems there too.

When both your personal life and business are both negatively impacted, it can create a lot more pressure and stress than you should normally have to deal with.

Empowering the beauty community to make better decisions for themselves and their business is my passion and I am so excited to bring you this collaboration with Melissa Lapides LMFT who has a successful history of helping others move through the trauma that holds them back,

In this course you will learn how to spot the signs of when you’re falling into an unhealthy pattern, as well as how to navigate and overcome them.

It’s not always easy and can be an ongoing process, but with the right tools, you can become one step further into a business and life that can allow you to move forward as well as give you more peace.

Welcome! Consultations Pt 1 Consultations Pt 2 Online Booking Pt 1 Online Booking Pt 2 Money Trauma Breaking Your Money Trauma Intro Lesson 1, Understanding The Root of Your Money Trauma Lesson 2, Getting Out of Survival Mode Lesson 3, Somatic Transformation Around Money Lesson 4, Embodying A New Capacity To Receive Somatics & Embodiment