New Salon Planning – Commission, Rental, Hybrid & Hourly




Opening a new salon is really like planning for 3 different projects at once.

First you have to plan the layout with construction buildout,  the  purchase equipment and supplies, as well as the financial and operational aspects of running your salon.  This is part of a comprehensive business plan that not every new Salon Owner understands how to navigate.

In the past 8 years I have opened and operated 5 businesses, 4 salons and 1 beer and wine lounge.  Each one had a different approach and needed custom planning.

How much should you spend on opening your salon?

How many stations should you have?

What business model should you choose?

I used my experience to create custom planning guides to help new Salon Owners better understand what they are planning for and how to do it. Here is a list of what is covered in this 1:1 coaching package.

  1. Real estate negotiations ( if you haven’t secured a building yet).
  2. Layout design for space optimization.
  3. Budget for the build out and equipment.
  4. Create an operating budget & station break even.
  5. Create service & retail revenue goals as well as budgets for operating expenses.
  6. Design your menu with my Modern Menu & Hybrid Pricing Blueprint.
  7. Budget for color based on standard mixing ratios and create a custom product calculator.
  8. Structure your compensation plan.
  9. Create a custom KPI sheet to monitor financials and performance.
  10. Audit your personal business behind the chair to identify areas of opportunity.  Plan for taking on an assistant, reducing your hours behind the chair or both.

This package also includes:

  1. Assistant training course – to understand how to train, schedule and financially plan for new Stylists and Assistants
  2. Personal Budget Bootcamp – to have a better understanding of what you need to generate in profit to cover your personal bills, time off, savings and retirement.
  3. Reducing your hours worksheet- this can be used to gradually reduce your hours behind the chair as the salon supports you or without losing income by raising your prices.

Once complete, you will have a full understanding of your business, the why behind the structure and how to navigate successful operations and reach your profit potential.

This package includes:

  1. Onboarding
  2. 90–minute Discovery call.
  3. 90-minute revenue modeling and business planning call.
  4. 90-minute menu and pricing  call.
  5. 60-minute finalization call.
  6. 60-minute 1 month check in call

PLUS email and DM contact throughout the entire process.