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View all of my past webinars and get replay access to any in the future!  Here are the 6 current recordings with descriptions.

Commission tiers
Scaling back
Hybrid Salon
Assistant Training
4 Pillars
Online Booking

COMMISSION TIERS: When you become a salon owner you have to take into account so many things and some of them you may not fully understand. This webinar offers a detailed explanation of how your compensation structure impacts both your profitability and your team culture.

In this webinar we will cover:

  1. How to determine your two break even budgets.
  2. How to determine how much you can pay your team.
  3. How to design commission structures.
  4. How to set revenue goals.
  5. How to design income goals for each tier.
  6. When someone should be paid hourly only.
  7. Choosing a bonus structure.
  8. How to communicate it to your team.

SCALING BACK: When you first open a salon, it’s likely that you have a full clientele who you continue to see until the salon is generating enough profit to offset some of your behind the chair income.

Many salons take years to get to this point and by that time, Owners are so use to their role behind the chair that it can often be hard to plan a strategic transition.

For a salon to have long term success, an Owners role behind the chair has to be limited at a certain point.  If not, the salon will become stagnant and the Owner will burn out trying to juggle everything.

Knowing what you need to do to plan ahead is key.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in this webinar:

  1. How much revenue do you need for your salon to break even and support itself without your revenue.
  2. What kind of systems you can utilize to support you and your salon.
  3. How to determine how much of your revenue behind the chair is supporting your salon.
  4. How to determine how much growth you need at each scaling back stage to supplement the income you may lose by cutting back.
  5. How to raise your prices to offset any loss, if that’s an option.
  6. How to transition your clients to other Stylists.
  7. What roles you will play in your salon growth at the different stages behind the chair.

HYBRID SALON: Join me in this webinar where we will discuss the financial, planning and operational aspects
of a hybrid salon as well as what that looks like for a team!

A hybrid salon structure can offer an amazing opportunity for salon owners who are interested in having a diverse approach to business and want to retain stylists who are ready and able to go independent but are a huge asset to their team. I have designed a flexible approach to planning both financially and operationally and am very excited to share it with you all!


Rule 1 for taking on an assistant : Have a plan.

We know as stylists that the salon environment can be an unpredictable one and we often have to adapt to changes frequently.

Although this is an awesome benefit to our business, we might have a hard time learning in the midst of chaos.

This is why it is so important to have a plan for your Assistant. Yes, they will have to adapt to unpredictable days, but you will not be able to rely on them if you don’t train them well from the start!

I plan using a 4 phase guide. During each phase you’ll need to know what you can expect from your Assistant and what they should expect from you.

This allows you to make the most of your time using an assistant, ensure they get proper training and budget effectively for how much money you’ll invest.

4 Pillars:

Leadership & Culture – The goals and needs of both Stylists and clients have changed, how has your business shifted to support them?

Revenue & Expenses – Low returns from salons has been the norm within the industry for a long time, what is everyone missing that will lead to better profits for the salon and income for the Stylists?
Systems & Operations – Technology has played a huge role improving both, what opportunities are you missing out on because you don’t understand how to utilize it?
Marketing & Client Experience – Do your systems and culture support the salon environment that leads to the type of client experience that best represents your brand?


Online booking has made a huge impact in my salons by enabling us to capitalize on our marketing dollars by allowing clients to see services, prices and availability as well as request appointments at any time.

It has also reduced the time our support staff spends on booking related calls and ensures clients are agreeing to our policies through the forms in the booking system.

In this webinar I discuss how we have customized our process to meet the needs of our salon and stylists.